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Celina Hemmeter
Chief Operations Officer

Growing up in an Air Force family, Celina Hemmeter moved around as a child and went on to attain her degree from the University of Texas at Austin and marry her high school sweetheart, Mike. After working in retail store management, owning a small business, and becoming a city manager, she landed at CAC where she uses her talents and background in business, management, and finance to make a difference for children and families in our community.

Celina spends her days overseeing the finances and operations of CAC and is passionate about making an impact on her community through the work of CAC. She feels a responsibility to help ensure every child feels safe, secure, and able to thrive. Celina is inspired by this quote, “Helping one person might not change the world, but it could change the world for one person,” and knows that the work she does, along with her fellow staff, makes a difference whether it is realized or not.

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